Fad vs. Movement

Big hair, parachute pants, baggy shirts, boom boxes, denim jackets, chuck taylor’s (Converse), and hyper color shirts. They were all fads from my earlier years. Although some were good, I, as well as many others, were glad to see a lot of them go – who wants all that hair anyway. But back to the point, fads don’t last, ever. They come and go. A lot of the time faster than I can keep up with them. In fact, a friend told me the other day “When you know what’s in, it’s already out.”

If you catch it right, it can be fun to be a part of a fad for a time, but as the fads fade, so does the investment…all that money wasted on beanie babies…Wouldn’t you rather invest your life in something that’s going to make a change? Something that’s going to make a difference? Take the Civil Rights Movement or Women’s Suffrage as an example. These were movements – something that sticks around and changes lives – not only did they change lives, they changed the face of our nation. And it only happened because people were invested in it.

2000 years ago a different movement started. One in which many have given their life for. In John 6 Jesus explains that He alone is the bread of life and there is no other way to the Father. “After this many of his disciples turned back and no longer walked with Him. So Jesus said to the Twelve, ‘Do you want to go away as well?’” They turned and walked away. Maybe the cost was too high. Maybe the wider road appeared so much simpler. Nevertheless, it’s a choice we have to make as well. Will you invest yourself in the movement, or will you walk away?

As we sit in our cushioned chairs on Sunday morning, it has to be asked, is church, or better yet, your faith – your relationship, a movement you’re invested it, or is it just a fad? Is it going to fade away? Is this building someplace you come to gather with others, fellowship, and punch a time clock, leaving Jesus as a sidebar? Will you go all in and follow Jesus, or when it’s no longer cool, will you just walk away as well. It’s a choice we all make. Is it a fad, or is it a movement.

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