Thriving? Or Merely Surviving?

thrive_logo_for_webHow would you describe your relationship with Christ? Is it one of growth, or just getting by? Is it exciting, fresh, and developing? Or is it old, stale, and dying? Seriously take inventory of your relationship with Him. Are you thriving? Or simply surviving? You’re either moving forward with Christ or you’re moving away from Him. Whether that means you’re deliberately walking away or you’re just standing stagnate, dead in the water, not growing in Him.

All too often we get into the routine of church, of punching the time clock on Sunday morning solely so we can say we did our part, spent a few hours in a building, and then we can get on with our life. And despite great efforts we never seem to make the connection that Jesus doesn’t just belong in a building on Sunday morning. We’re supposed to take Him with us where He is a part of our everyday lives. There’s so much more to a relationship with Christ that simply gathering for Church on Sunday morning and listening to someone speak about Him. That’s merely religion, and a far cry from any kind of relationship.

As Americans we’ve grown comfortable. Too comfortable in many regards. So much so, we don’t truly understand that gravity of our sin situation and our debt to God. Consequently, we operate out of survival mode, only calling on Christ when we think we need Him. Jesus isn’t a genie in a bottle at your beckon call. We can’t just pull Him out of our pocket when it’s convenient. A relationship with Christ is supposed to permeate every aspect of our existence. If He doesn’t, you’re just surviving and He has called us to so much more than merely survival. Abundant life in Christ comes from thriving in your relationship with Him.

Are you thriving in Christ, or merely surviving?

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