super_heroes_superman_ready_fight_hd-wallpaper-1447797Superhero. The word itself floods the mind with an array of thoughts and images – Superman swooping in to save Lois Lane; Batman vanishing without a trace when the criminals were apprehended; Spiderman swinging from building to building engrossed in the chase, or being chased – It’s a world we would love to be a part of, a world where the good guy always comes out on top. It’s a place we can get lost in, but a place that really only exists in our minds.

Our awe of their abilities masks the negative aspects of their life. Superhero’s are not who we make them out to be. Most live in solitude. Their relationships are non-existent. Very few others really know who’s behind the mask. They elude relationships for fear of harm to those they love. And we forget they’re flawed; that they fail. That sometimes things go wrong and they don’t save the day every time. We forget they’re mortal; that they have limitations; that they have weaknesses.

Take Superman for example, sure he has “super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, X-ray vision, heat vision, super-hearing, super-cold breath, could stop his heart at will, didn’t need a space-suit in airless space, and anti-gravity abilities (i.e., could fly).” but he had his limitations as well. His weaknesses include: “Green Kryptonite (the irradiated shattered remains of his home world, Krypton) is lethal with continued exposure, Red Kryptonite had unpredictable effects (could reduce his size, could turn him into a mindless giant [or] whatever the writer needed, [but] usually only [for] twenty-four hours), no defense against sorcery, and exposure to solar radiation in the red spectrum could take his powers away (Krypton had a red sun and heavier gravity.)”

Batman on the other hand, “…had no super-powers, just a razor-sharp deductive mind (for he is a detective), and a vast array of weapons and gadgets to help him catch the criminals. As a boy, he saw his parents murdered in front of him in a robbery attempt. After being taken in by his uncle and raised by the uncle’s housekeeper (who, unknown to him, was the mother of the murderer of his parents), he vowed to spend his life and inheritance waging war on all criminals.” What is Batman without his gadgets and gizmos?

Because of their limitations and weaknesses our superhero’s can be ‘reduced down to size.’ But our God cannot. He’s not limited by any weakness. He’s not confined to the restraints of the world. He doesn’t hide from relationships and loving others. But He’s not a superhero either. He’s so much more that we could ever imagine Him to be. He’s God. He doesn’t jump in to save the day and then vanish into the night. Nor will He impress you with His gadgets and gizmos. But He will walk by your side. He will love you for who you are. He desires a relationship with you. A relationship in which He frees you not only from sin and its pain and consequences here and now, but from an eternity of suffering and separation from Him.

God is who He says He is and will do what He has promised to do. He will not fail you, as the things and people of this world will. So, will you walk with Him?

**Superhero information provided by ‘the’ Charlie Dillon. 

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