Your Child Is Watching

The Dove Campaign For Real Beauty recently came out with another video. Selfie, as seen below. In the past I posted the videos like Evolution and Real Beauty Sketches, along with others, but never really said anything about them. I thought they did well to speak for themselves. This one does too, but one young lady said something that really caught my attention.

Although there were several self-revealing and enlightening statements made throughout the video…

“I worry a lot about…my positioning in the picture because I do have a really round face…so it’s kinda hard to take a good picture…”

“I hate my rosey cheeks because people always say I look like a tomato.”

“I hate my braces and I hate my glasses… I wanna say I hate my whole face…I look like a 12-year-old. I look like a boy…And I’ve gotten that before. Why would people say that. It just really hurts.”

“Sometimes in the mirror I will cover one of my arms, like, part of it, to make it look more narrow…”

…these were not what caught my attention. What grabbed me was when Michael Crook, a professional photographer, made the statement “Often times mother’s pass their insecurities on to their children.” and a student responded with “I think my mom’s insecurities effect me a lot…when you hear her talk about her insecurities you start to focus on your own.” Wow. Some may say I’m reaching here, but take notice, Crook didn’t just say daughters, she said children, meaning sons also. Whether that’s what was implied or not, it’s true. It’s also true that fathers pass along their insecurities as well. No matter how much you believe your kids aren’t listening to what you say, especially when their ear buds are crammed in as far as they can get them, they are. But not only are they listening, they’re watching what you do as well. Still think you don’t have an impact? According to SADD, the #1 reason teens don’t drink is due to “parental disapproval.” You have an enormous impact on your children.

And unknowingly we teach our kids to focus on their imperfections when we focus on our own. God has designed each of us to be uniquely different from all others. It’s those differences that make us who we are, that set us apart and that make us beautiful.

What are your words and actions teaching your kids?

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