Who’s Your Clyde? Part III – The Bus Ticket


If you have not read “Who’s Your Clyde? Part II – The Backpack,”  a post from more than a few months back (my coworker often reminds me that I left him hanging), I would encourage you to do so prior to reading any further. It will make a lot more sense. Or you can listen to me tell the story here (Series – “Relationship vs. Religion,” Title – “James 2,” Speaker – “Joe Stiles and Andy Miller,” Date – “4/22/12”)

I took him back to the church. Bought him a bus ticket for the next day and put him up in a hotel for the night.

He called me first thing the next morning so I went to meet with him. His bus didn’t leave until 1:30 so I told him to hang out in the hotel, watch some tv and I would be back to get him shortly before check out at 11. When I left he was sitting at a chair by the window with his back to the tv. When I returned almost 2.5 hours later he was still in the same place watching for me. I truely believe, because of where he had been and what he had dealt, he never thought I would come back.

We got some lunch and waited on the bus. If you’ve never spent anytime at a bus station I would encourage you to do so. Go spend an hour or two, talk to the people, it is an unforgettable experience and you will get an education. I put Clyde on the greyhound Tuesday afternoon, fully expecting never to hear from him again. At 12:54 am, Wednesday night/Thursday morning my phone rang. It was Clyde. He wanted to tell me that he made it and was grateful for the assistance.

God didn’t bring Clyde into my life for me to help him. He brought Clyde into my life to teach me, mold me, and shape me to be more like Jesus. I am now eager for the next time I get to meet a Clyde. I look forward to it. What are you eager for?

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