Respect…Is it really that difficult?

Respect. Is it really that difficult? Recently, I went through a stretch where four out of five weeks I attended a funeral. Funerals are not a pleasant experience for anybody. It isn’t something I look forward to being a part of. Nobody looks forward to going to a funeral. But I gladly attend in support of the family. Funerals can be a depressing time in which heart-felt words are spoken, emotions run rampant and can even well up in those that weren’t close to the individual that passed. It’s a traumatic time, even for Christians, who know their loved one has gone to be with the Lord.

So, where am I going? All this leads to the procession. The procession to the cemetery. All the cars line up, everyone turns on their headlights, and a police escort leads the line of cars through stop signs and lights without dealing with impeding traffic. Everyone is supposed to pull over, out of RESPECT for the deceased. Remember, the funeral is difficult enough, but then to deal with the lack of respect of others who refuse to take literally two minutes of their time to wait for the processional to pass infuriates me beyond belief. As I drove in one of the recent processional’s, some drivers stopped and waited. They were respectful. Others did the bob and weave around the ones who had stopped. Really? Are you in that much of a hurry that you have to weave through traffic that is stopped in the road? But the real kicker was when someone tried to cut in front of me because they wanted to turn right down a street and then got mad at me because I wouldn’t let them in. IT WAS A FUNERAL PROCESSIONAL. Where has the respect for one another as human beings gone?

But alas, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Ask any primary or secondary school teacher. Respect from students and parents alike is gone. If a student got bad grades 20 years ago, it was the student’s fault, today, it’s the teachers fault. Where have we missed the boat in teaching our children that it’s not ok to ignore authority and do as they please? When will we wake up and make a change? Be the example? It’s as simple as stopping for a funeral procession. Will you be the agent of change before all is lost?

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2 Responses to Respect…Is it really that difficult?

  1. Tracy says:

    Commited to making a difference in this as always my friend!

  2. Everything Andy says about this story is accurate. I was with him in that procession.
    There is also an irony for someone who is in such a hurry that they can’t wait extra minute or two for a funeral procession to pass by. Like a hurried driver passes a line of slower cars in order to be the lead car. THE LEAD CAR IS A HEARSE! The same for drivers who don’t pull over for an emergency vehicle.

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