7 Pitfalls of Being an Introverted Leader – by Ron Edmondson

7 Pitfalls of Being an Introverted Leader

As I read Edmondson’s thoughts, I couldn’t help but see myself in the situation…I have been there so many times. Edmondson simply reminded me of the things I need to watch out for, especially in my position. While being an introvert is not a jail sentence, there are many, many times I wish I were not, and some others that I am very thankful I am.

“Are you an introverted leader? Ron Edmondson offers a candid look at the potential downsides of being an introvert in leadership.

via 7 Pitfalls of Being an Introverted Leader.

I am an introvert. With all my public appearances on Sunday mornings,  this surprises many people. But in my private life and with those  closest to me, there is no questioning that fact.

If anything, the  larger our church has grown, the more introverted I have become.

I wish I  were otherwise, but this is how I am wired.

Here are 7 pitfalls of being an introverted pastor:

1. People often think I’m arrogant, aloof, or  unfriendly.

Now, I may be a lot of negative things, but those are not  really the main three.

I sometimes have to go back and apologize once I  hear someone thinks I avoided them. This happens especially with  extremely extroverted people.

2. I sometimes hesitate to make the connections I should.

When this happens I could miss opportunities to build my network.

3. I’m worn out after a long day of talking and need  time alone to rejuvenate.

This can impact my family time if I’m not  careful.

It also leads to people at the end of the day telling me I look  tired…guess what? I am!

4. Crowded rooms, which I love in terms of reaching people for Christ, are actually intimidating to me as a person.

5. I’m not as quick-witted when in crowds.

…and when I try to be, I sometimes appear awkward on first impressions.

6. My introverted tendencies add stress to my life.

I realize the need to talk with people…it’s what I  do, but wrestling through the introverted tendencies actually adds even  more stress to my life.

7. If I’m not careful, and thankfully I’m fairly  disciplined here, I will close out people from really knowing me.

This subjects me to all kinds of temptations, anxiety and even depression.

How’s that for transparency?

By Ron Edmondson

Are you an introvert? Do you see how it impacts your work?”

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3 Responses to 7 Pitfalls of Being an Introverted Leader – by Ron Edmondson

  1. Melanie says:

    This is so me! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Introvert's Lounge says:

    While most of the above are through, it should be noted that the experience differs with each individuals. Furthermore, most people that still struggle with the various issues are not even aware of there natural tendacies and think they are abnormal. As a result they spend so much energy trying to fit in instead of channelling that energy into effective use of their time. However just like everyone, they have innate strenght (analysis, prospective and vision amongs others) which far exceeds those of their peers which can make them extremely successful as an introverted leader. Most of the world greatest mind from various dicipline, scienc, medicine, business, politics et al are introverts. it will be great that introversion are celebrated rather been reminded of their pitfalls.


  3. #8 – Extra time between blog posts? Thanks for posting Andy. This is good! Thanks for opening up.

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