How do you respond?

I am at a loss. My dad’s cousin’s wife was seriously burned by a pellet stove and admitted to a hospital. During her recovery she contracted a serious staff infection and was put into a medically induced coma for 17 days. Things were not looking good. And then came this Caringbridge update:

“Monday, May 9, 2011 7:34 PM, EDT

Healing Circle of Prayer for Mom will be held Sunday, May 15 starting at 9:30 AM…Immediately following the Sunday Morning Daybreak Group. Come and Pray with us in silent meditation for healing and recovery for Sue and her extended family.

As many of us know, our good friend…was severely burned when her home pellet stove exploded Thursday, April 21, and is currently fighting an aggressive infection in the Intensive Care Unit…As a result of the explosion, she suffered first, second, and third-degree burns on about 30 percent of her body, mostly on her upper and lower extremities and face.

A healing circle is a gathering of loving family and friends who come together in silent prayer, focusing their energies and prayers, asking for healing to a person or situation in distress and to surround them in a field of positive energy in the form of images, color, light, sound or vibration.  One can imagine a yellow ball of golden light, growing bigger until it creates a healing field expanding and moving towards the one in distress, their family and towards us.  All forms of prayer, healing thoughts, or just silent presence will be welcomed and appreciated. Please come.”

As I read this update about the prayer group I was somewhat baffled and even thought to myself “Really? Thinking about a yellow ball of energy will heal someone?” But then I was taken aback at the thought. What do people who are not Christians think when I write about Corah and our faith in Him during such trials? Do they think I’ma nut? That I’ve fallen off the wagon? Prolly. But who cares. I mean really, let God use it.

But more importantly, it shows that people are willing to believe and try anything in the face of suffering. “All forms of prayer, healing thoughts, or just silent presence will be welcomed and appreciated.” They want everyone involved. They want/need anything they can get at this point. They are desperate, broken, and really in need of God. And I am judging. I hold the answer and I am devaluing their intelligence, but doing nothing to educate. What gives me the right to be so arrogant? To stand here and say their means are in vain without the one true God, and yet do nothing about it?

The problem, and thus my excuse, comes when I attempt to figure out what I am to do. I don’t know these people from Adam. It’s my dad’s cousin’s wife. How do I share with them in such a trying time, from such a distance? What would they think if they got a random message from me about God? Would I offend them? Would I embarrass my father? (Not because I wrote the note, but just with something I said – cause who knows what’s gonna come outta this brain) Would I in some way ostracize my family more than I already perceive it to be? Good excuses in my mind…but not in my heart. What is one to do? I ask God to burden my heart for unbeliever’s, this is what I get, and I quickly judge, but do nothing to help. And I really call myself a Christian?!?!?! What gives me that right?

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One Response to How do you respond?

  1. Kevin says:

    NO Kidding. I thought and reacted in the same way.

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