Training Fleas

Training Fleas? Really? I thought this was crazy non-sense when I first saw it. But as I began to process it, I immediately thought of the church. Not anyone church in particular, but the church as a whole. It has been established to meet the needs and minister to those who are like us. We are secure that way. Although we may not necessarily want to “fit the mold,” we have difficulty breaking it, even when it is taken away. Because of this we continue to produce our own kind that do the same as we have done.

The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing expecting different results. If we are going to reach the world, we’re gonna have to jump outta the jar – whether its there or not, regardless of the repercussions of the religious community. We can no longer be confined by the “jar” of tradition. The world is changing and we need to change with it. Don’t hear me say the message needs to change – as Terry McIlvain would say “Jesus must be preeminent and  the Word of God must be featured.” Our beliefs remain the same, it’s just how we go about presenting it that needs to change. “We’re gonna have church and ya’all come” doesn’t work anymore. Going as far as acting like Donald Miller and the world won’t help much either. But here’s got to be a median where the world will take God seriously and not see Christians as religious nuts stuck in the past.

Now don’t get me wrong, change is not usually easy whatever side you’re on. But as the people of the church, we embrace change everywhere in the world, except in the church. With the advancement of technology, the automobile industry, and even the microwave, we welcome change and the luxuries that go along with it. But when it comes to church, I have actually been told “Why can’t we just do it like it was done in the 50’s? It was working then.” Really? I wanted to say “We will go back to doing church like they did it in the 50’s when you give up all the modern conveniences invented since then.” I even heard about an individual who sat on the floor of the sanctuary one Sunday in protest when they had removed the pews  and replaced them with chairs. It didn’t matter that reupholstering the current pews would have cost thousands more than buying chairs. It didn’t matter that you could seat more people in the sanctuary with the chairs as opposed to the pews. And who really cares about the versatility that the chairs offered over the pews, because really, it’s all about me and my pew.

I think we missed the boat. People are dying and we’re whining because we can’t have things our way. Break the mold. Reach the people. Are you ready for change? Are you willing to take the risk to spread the Gospel? How far are you willing to go, to step out of your security and into a world of unknown? Deny yourself and step out for Him.

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