Salvation is here!

My six year old son, Carter, accepted Christ this past Wednesday! Is there anything greater than welcoming someone into the family of God? Especially from your own family? When we took communion last Sunday, he wanted to know why he couldn’t join us. After explaining that you have to have a relationship with Jesus, and that starts with believing in him, he said, “I believe in Jesus.” Wanting to make sure he understood what he was committing to and that he was doing it for the right reasons – not to please his mom and dad or just to get juice in church – I had him talk with Pastor Joe, with whom he prayed to accept Christ.

Carter has a child-like faith, one we all should have. Unfortunately we seem to grow out of it with age. We make simple things trivial and confuse ourselves in an effort to understand theology – which is not bad, but isn’t salvation of others much more important that understanding things like Calvinism and the book of Revelation?

This whole process really got me thinking. Do I regularly pray for the salvation of others? My immediate answer is yes, but not as intentionally as I should, not by name. Sometimes I wonder if we ever really think through what we pray about. I mean do we really consider what we ask of God, the omniscient, omnipotent, Creator of the world, in relation to the big picture? Health needs can be very pressing, and I don’t mean to discredit them, but shouldn’t salvation and spiritual growth of God’s children should be our number one priority.

I have been attempting to teach this to our students by modeling it, speaking about it, asking them for names of their lost friends, etc. It hasn’t kicked in with some yet. But I won’t relent. God is capable of so much more than we ever give Him credit for. All we have to do is trust in Him and know that He will take care of it. I think we’re just afraid to ask. Either because we don’t think He can do it or we are afraid of letting go and losing control. What will you ask God for?

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