Educating Ourselves

With the coming of lent and Easter on the horizon, I was recently reminded of an interview on Dateline a few years back where they interviewed four alleged experts; two professed Christians and two non-Christians, about the last days of our Saviors life.  The main question the show was seeking to answer was “Who killed Jesus?”  Each “expert” had there own opinion which entailed attempts to dispel the truths of Scripture; but none came to the same conclusion that you or I have come to from our study of Scripture.  In fact, Stone Phillips, the facilitator of the discussion, made the concluding remarks that in their “expert” opinion it was the Romans, with the permission of Caiaphias, who had killed Jesus.

How many non-believers do you think sat at home that night and said to themselves, “I knew there wasn’t anything to this Jesus stuff.”  Oh how my heart aches for them.  Why do they have to take everything the media says as the truth?  Where did they dig up these supposed “experts” who defile the truth of God’s Word anyway?  How I wish they would just pick up the Bible and read it themselves so that they can see the truth and be set free. 

Yet, in the same light, we as Christians do the same thing.  We take that which has been laid before us at face value and never check the facts.  When was the last time that you went home after church on Sunday morning or after a Bible study and took a deeper look into the passage or verses that were covered in the study?  Whoever said that your pastor or Bible study teacher had all the answers?  Each of us are fallible individuals who have been called by God to teach His Word, but that doesn’t mean that we always get it right.

It is your responsibility as a student of the Word to go home and study the passage, dig deeper than the surface that was scratched upon during that thirty to forty-five minute session and find out what God is saying.  Investigate the truths for yourselves.  Look to see if your teacher was on target. 

The church was never intended to be a place where a believer could come and be spoon fed the Word on a weekly basis so that they could make it through the next week.  Education within the church is meant to be a beginning, a foundation upon which you are to build your relationship with Christ as you examine His Word and its applicability to your daily life.  If we never dig deeper ourselves how are we ever to learn the truths of the Word and grow in our relationship with Him?

I challenge you to go home and see if what you have been taught is really what God is saying. Find out what else lies beneath.

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